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Trying To Make Your Own Commercial? 2 Problems You May Run Into

Are you trying to make your own commercial for your business, but trying to do so on a budget? If so, you may be tempted to take on the task on your own. Creating a professional looking video can be quite tough if you do not have experience in this field, which is why you'll want to consider using the help of a video production company. Here are some potential problems you can run into by trying to do this job yourself.

Scheduling Problems

One of the biggest problems you'll have is not during the actual production part of the process, but pre-production. That is because scheduling is key when it comes to a video production shoot. You are going to be renting equipment that you do not own, since professional video equipment can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and running into overtime or additional days of shooting can end up costing you money due to additional rental periods.

You need to have realistic expectations for how long each setup will take to complete, which is difficult for any amateur videographer. It takes time to move to a location, set up lighting and other equipment, rehearse the shot with talent, and then shoot enough takes to ensure that you have the shot you need. A few scenes that take too long can throw your whole schedule off, causing the cost of the production to drastically increase.

Cinematography Problems

Your video may be quite simple to shoot, but you'll find that it is difficult capturing your idea on video in a way that looks artistically pleasing. Do not underestimate the need to have an experienced crew that can help on the artistic side of things as well as the technical side. The final product will highly depend on crew members, such as the cinematographer and director, who are putting a lot of thought into each shot to ensure that it is right. It's the difference between locking a shot down on a tripod, which can feel static and boring, and having a shot on a handheld camera that is framed properly with some natural camera movement. Having the vision and the technical expertise may be something that you are lacking if making the video on your own.

Feel free to reach out to a local video production company if you're looking to make a commercial. The producer can find out more info about the scope of our project, and draft a bid for how much it will cost to produce.